Edel Alvarez

Born in Habana, Cuba in 1967, Edel Alvarez Galban has always had a fascination with everything artistic. From his infancy he painted everything around him, becoming a threat to all the walls, furniture and electrical devices in his childhood home, no one wanted the child to visit their home for fear he would start “decorating”. Elementary teachers noticed very early his interest and artistic talent, but later in adolescent his vocation for medicine tilted the balance to study medicine until he became a doctor. 

He practiced sculpture in the school of art Federico Engel en la Habana, Cuba in 1993. In 1995 he came to the United States where he passed the US medical boards and became certified as a Physician.  His current medium in his artwork has been painting and this work has been shown in several cities throughout the United States, Central America and the Caribbean. A.Galban’s work is most recently featured as part of Nude Nite Tampa 2018.

The vast part of his work is the result of multimedia including, charcoal, acrylic, oil and ink on canvas and paper. He has produced several series of artwork: Personas (2001), Lucias (2001-2002), El bufon (2007), Eva y Mariela Castro (2008), Caracol Erotico (2009), Mi Divina Comedia (2009), Cancionero (2011), Cuba se Va (2012-2014), Seavolve (2013), El Monte (2014), Los Feos y Desojando Margaritas (2014), Locuras (2015), Guarda Vecinos (2015-2016), Watching the Wheels (2016), and Dreaming with Mermaids (2017). In June 2012 he started a traveling art exposition called “Art is Everywhere” with his wife Rebecca Lauren.

He currently lives in Saint Petersburg, FL with his loving wife, two beautiful children and their adorable dog. He practices medicine full time with Access Health Care Physicians, LLC and paints in his free time.

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Soñando con sirenas
Mi guitarra y yo
Soñando con sirenas
Soñando con sirenas
San German Museo 2014
San German Museo 2014
Nude 2017
Mis vecinos
Musa y pintor
Manos vacías
locuras 2016
Leaving Cuba
La guitarra y yo
La guitarra y yo, ella
Jazz y Sábanas 1
Jazz y sábanas 2
Jazz contrabajo
Guarda vecinos 2017
Desnuda y cn sombrilla
Deshojando margaritas
deshojando margaritas 2